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Bus and Tram Express

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What happens when bus drivers have to slam on the breaks?

Mar 9, 2015

As all bus operators know, it takes much longer to stop a heavy vehicle than it does to stop a light one. Channel 7 recently measured the difference in distance it takes to stop a car vs a bus. Read More »

Meet your local delegate – David Grant

Mar 6, 2015

Why did you become involved in the union?
 Well, in the first place I was just asked to help out, so I did. But then I found I enjoyed it and really liked helping my workmates and standing up for our rights in the workplace. Read More »

No changes to bus routes until September

Feb 24, 2015

The Transport Minister appears to have listened to Bus Operator concerns and has promised to communicate any changes to bus routes in advance during construction of the South East Light Rail project. She has also announced that major works on George Street will not commence until September. Read More »

Meet your local delegate – William Lekkas

Jan 30, 2015

Why did you become involved in the union?
 I’ve got a passion for people’s rights. I come from a Greek background and big greek families debate and argue about everything! Read More »

Patients before profits

Jan 27, 2015

As the state election looms, its time to send the Premier a clear message that public hospitals must not be privatised. Members are invited to come along to a meeting being held in Narrabeen at 6pm on the 29th of January. Read More »

Working with children check update

Jan 12, 2015

Unions NSW on behalf of all affected workers in NSW is still disputing the $80.00 fee for the working with children check. With no foreseeable end to the matter at this point in time and the due date approaching the union advises that Bus Operators should NOW start the process of obtaining this check. Read More »

Bad planning leads to bus chaos in Sydney

Jan 7, 2015

Bus drivers and passengers alike were extremely frustrated during peak hour on Monday morning with delays of almost two hours in some areas. But the NSW Government has no plan yet to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Read More »

You don’t have to drive when bus air conditioning is faulty

Dec 10, 2014

Union Delegates are getting complaints from members claiming that they feel intimidated by Radio Room Officials insisting that they continue to operate buses when the air conditioning has failed. This is unacceptable – you cannot be disciplined for insisting on a changeover when bus air conditioning has failed. Read More »

Bus Express TV – Sept 30

Oct 2, 2014

In this edition of Bus Express, we hear from Gary Way and David Woollams about the concluded bus Enterprise Agreement, the union’s recent wins on travel time payments, sick leave, and the part-time/broken dispute. Read More »

Bus Express TV – Sept 5

Sep 5, 2014

In this edition of Bus Express, Chris Preston and David Woollams give an update on the proposed new Enterprise Agreement. Read More »