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Don’t Sell Our Buses: what you need to know about bus privatisation

Nov 4, 2019

The NSW Government has made no secret of its plans to privatise more of Sydney’s bus networks. Recent bus privatisation […] Read More »

Pyrmont Depot Protected Action: Stoppage on 28 Septmber 2021

Sep 29, 2021

Footage and images from the Pyrmont Depot stoppage on Tuesday 28 September 2021. Read More »

Taking Care: Support Services available to Members

Sep 24, 2021

As we navigate these difficult times, remember help is close at hand. Read More »

Covid-19 strikes again in Sydney bus depots

Sep 17, 2021

We have seen COVID-19 strike again over the past week at bus depots within the Sydney basin. This time it was […] Read More »

Transit Systems hits a new low, expect worse to come!

Sep 10, 2021

After being taken to court by the RTBU over failing to pass on a pay rise to ex-STA employees in […] Read More »

Pyrmont Drivers to take Protected Industrial Action for Equal Career Opportunity

Sep 10, 2021

From Tuesday 14 September, Light Rail Drivers from the Pyrmont Depot will begin taking protected industrial action. As part of […] Read More »

COVID-19 Update: 7 September 2021

Sep 7, 2021

As we’ve seen, the Public Health Order has changed yet again. Vaccination requirements delayed until Thursday September 9th 2021. Late on Sunday […] Read More »

Transit Systems promises the Federal Court this time

Sep 3, 2021

As discussed in our last issue, the RTBU lodged in the Federal Circuit Court about Transit Systems failing to pass […] Read More »

Bargaining Update Region 6 : 3 September 2021

Sep 3, 2021

We had our first meeting with the new bargaining agent that Transit Systems have employed to run the bargaining. Unfortunately, […] Read More »

Region 7 Update: 1 September 2021

Sep 1, 2021

The RTBU have been in discussions with Busways but they haven’t progressed far. The company is unwilling to put aside […] Read More »

COVID-19 Update: 1 September 2021

Sep 1, 2021

Dear Member, As we’ve seen, things are moving very fast with the Public Health Orders. Last week the RTBU, working […] Read More »