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Region 6 EA still a joke

Oct 1, 2021Uncategorized

So far the entire process for the Region 6 Enterprise Agreement has been ridiculous.

Important issues about the bargaining process have been left unanswered and we’re not interested in wasting time when it’s clear what the company is doing. They want to try and tick the boxes for Good Faith bargaining (they haven’t) while going straight to workers in the hope that they’ll get this insulting EA proposal voted up. While it remains an option to go to the Fair Work Commission, by the time we get any result we could just as easily have had a Protected Action ballot and be taking industrial action.

If the only thing this company understands is disruption, so that’s what they’ll get until they decide to stop playing games and actually listen to workers.

The Q & A notices they put out are full of spin, half-truths and outright lies. We’ll be putting together a union version of those questions next week so members can get an idea of how much crap TSA are talking.

Read the full bulletin here.