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Newcastle EA and Protected Action Ballot Update

Apr 29, 2022Uncategorized

Voting for the Protected Action Ballot closed on Wednesday 27 April at 2pm. Members were asked to vote on 2 actions that you are willing to take to help progress your claims.

  1. Taking protected industrial action in the form of an unlimited number of stoppages of work of 1 to 24 hours in duration; and
  2. Bans or limitations on the manner in which work is undertaken (covers all other forms of industrial action that doesn’t affect safety)

The outcome was a resounding YES, and now it’s time for action. The actions listed below will be carried out indefinitely – meaning they will only stop once member are notified of actions ending. 

As with every series of protected action we do, we stand together as a united front putting pressure on Keolis Downer in a visible signal of our numbers and our power.

The first action starts next Wednesday 4th May with a ban on wearing uniform indefinitely. 

Wednesday 4 May – Not wearing uniform indefinitely; wearing union paraphernalia indefinitely

Thursday 5 May – No attending office for any reason, unless for matters of safety, indefinitely

A bulletin was sent to members containing further details, which you can read here. We will advise members of any future actions we plan to take beyond these listed.