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Keolis Downer Northern Beaches Payroll Issues

Feb 11, 2022Uncategorized

It has been 3 months since Keolis Downer took over from STA and Members have told us that all outstanding payroll issues need to be fixed now, or at the very least for KD to be held accountable to a timeline to address the payroll issues.

The union met with KD management last Friday 4 February to discuss the following payroll issues: 

  • Resolution of Outstanding Payroll Queries
  • Payslip Readability 
  • Pay Code/Interpretation
  • Leave Balances 
  • Access to a Payroll Officer 

Members can read KD’s commitments in the Member Bulletin. KD proposed a timeline til end of April 2022 to address all the outstanding payroll issues. The union has agreed, and KD have indicated that some issues may be rectified sooner. If KD fail to meet their timeline, then your union will escalate the matter further.

Your delegates are working on the ground to assist KD in achieving outcomes as quickly as possible. Once all the above issues have been addressed, KD will perform an audit on all employees to determine underpayments or overpayments. Please see your delegate if you happen to be one of those identified in this audit. 

Download the Member Bulletin for the full update.