Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Farewell to Government Buses in the North

Oct 29, 2021Uncategorized

This weekend will see the last time government buses will operate on the Northern beaches and parts of the lower North Shore. While the RTBU has so far been successful in securing the transfer of conditions to the new operator, it is the end of an era.

Ninety years of history is about to end and there’s really no reason for it apart from the Liberal/National government wanting to pump profit into private companies. No money will be saved here – there are in fact no valid arguments for privatisation of our buses and there never was.

The private companies don’t do it better or cheaper, but they are there to take the blame for politicians when things go wrong. It’s sad that things like political convenience have such an impact on our lives as workers. Whatever the future holds, the RTBU will be the only Union representing bus drivers in Region 8. STA may be going, but the Union will continue to fight for its members.

An update was sent this week to members in Region 8 about bargaining progress, it can be read here.