Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

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Know Your Rights: Sign on and off allowances

Feb 15, 2012

With Brett Peters…   Table 4 and 5: Sign On and Off Allowances in Sydney and Newcastle a) First sign […] Read More »

Randwick drivers take action over depot transfers

Feb 15, 2012

RTBU members took immediate action when drivers were transferred from Randwick to Kingsgrove recently, calling for the drivers to be […] Read More »

Cost cutting holds back new buses

Feb 15, 2012

Despite the clean and green image the STA likes to push to the public, more environmentally efficient buses are being […] Read More »

Tram workers to vote on industrial action

Feb 14, 2012

Sydney Light Rail members are a step closer to taking industrial action after unacceptable wage rises were put forward by Veolia […] Read More »

Randwick dispute over inductions for staff on loan

Feb 13, 2012

When a driver on loan from Leichhardt recently turned up to work at Randwick depot and was told there was […] Read More »

Mould hazard at Mona Vale

Feb 8, 2012

Management at Mona Vale depot are trying to fob off drivers complaining about the awful smell of mould growing at […] Read More »

Sydney Morning Herald attacks rail workers

Feb 6, 2012

Last week the Sydney Morning Herald ran an editorial attacking rail workers, and backing calls for station staff and train […] Read More »

Register for Bus Express Updates and WIN!!!!

Feb 1, 2012

The RTBU’s Sussex Inlet holiday park is the perfect getaway – whether you are looking for a family holiday or […] Read More »

Boss for a day!!

Feb 1, 2012

Tell us how you would improve Sydney bus services The State Government is looking for feedback from the community on […] Read More »

Bus Drivers and Speeding Fines

Jan 25, 2012

The Sunday Telegraph recently ran a story about the amount of traffic fines collected by NSW bus drivers. The RTBU […] Read More »