Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Workers must be consulted on new trams

Aug 16, 2012News

The Minister for Transport has announced a $20 million contract for the supply of new trams to run on the Inner West Light Rail Extension.

The RTBU is pleased to see the government recognise the need for new rolling stock on our tram network and welcomes this announcement.

In the past, however, all new trams used in the country have been manufactured in Australia to exceedingly high standards.

The RTBU is disappointed to see the contract awarded to an overseas supplier but hopes that the new stock will continue to reach the standards that Australian passengers and drivers are accustomed to.

To ensure this is the case tram workers must be engaged in consultation during the construction and testing process from the very beginning.

In the past experience of the RTBU, without proper consultation with transport workers, new rolling stock has the capacity to compromise productivity, proper safety procedures and occupational health and safety standards.

The RTBU will be seeking to work with the supplier and the government to establish a timeline of consultation to ensure the best possible outcomes for tram drivers and passengers.