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Bus and Tram Express

Win for Western Sydney Buses

Sep 12, 2013Uncategorized

Recently our members at Western Sydney Depot were advised that Region 3 contracts which they are a part of had been awarded to Transit Systems.  This news was met with some anticipation as our members at this location were always aware that one day, which ended up being 10 years later they would be working with a new employer and not State Transit.  The reason members were happy with this arrangement was because the members all live in the area and wanted to remain so.

To the Union’s dismay several months after the successful tender was announced it started to become apparent that there was an issue with our members being offered a full time position with Transit Systems.

The Union discovered that the Government when writing up the new contacts for Region 3, had deliberately wrote out members out of any formal offer of employment by the incoming contractor (Transit Systems).

When the Union had it confirm that there was no formal offer of employment it advised its members at Bonnyrigg Depot.  The members made their thoughts very clear to the Union (WE WANT A JOB OFFER! WE HAVE BEEN USED) and the Union had to agree with its members.

The Union wrote off to the Director General of Transport, Transport for NSW (TFNSW) and to State Transit requesting urgent talks to try and resolve this issue.

After several meetings with all the stake holders which included a threat of industrial action being made at one time throughout the process.  The Union was able to achieve job offers to all 55 members at Bonnyrigg Depot, if they so wished to stay in that location.  Not only did the Union manage to get the job offers but we ended up with the same offer that Transit Systems was required under the contract obligation it had to offer the private operators in region 3, that is full time employment with Long Service Leave, Holidays, Sick Leave and the members employment starting date (Seniority) with their current employee all being transferred across to Transit Systems.

The Union would like to congratulate the members and the delegate Neville Trinder for the stand they were willing to take.  I truly believe that without this stand there still would be no formal job offers.

We have some 30 members who will take up the offer of full time employment with Transit System to these members the Union thanks them for all there support over the years and we wish them well in their future endeavours.  These members will no longer be RTBU members come the 13th October, 2013 as they will be employed in the private sector which we have no coverage.

To those members transferring back to State Transit we welcome you and we look forward to continuing to protect your rights and conditions.