Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Willoughby Bus drivers voice concerns about bus movement in the Sydney CBD

Mar 21, 2017News

Willoughby PM Bus drivers have voiced concerns to STA management about bus movements in and out of the Sydney CBD.

The areas that they consider to be of concern are on Gresham Street, bridge bound between Bent Street and Bridge Street.

The Bus drivers are worried about obstructions to their route causing poor passenger and pedestrian safety.

The drivers have put the following proposed changes to to STA management:

  1. Currently, the first route 208 service departs Loftus Street at 2020. It is suggested that the 208 be changed from the first service to pick up in Bridge Street near Gresham Street (currently 208 set down point) NOY pick up in Loftus at all. This would separate night time services starting point (208) from daytime services pick up point (202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207). This would make it clear that people who want to catch a 208 at night have a dedicated single pick up point completely separate from all the other 20-services.
  2. Given the first 208 service departure time, the 343 service to be altered to operate as follows from 2000. Elizabeth Street onto Philip Street direct to Bridge Street. Turn left and pick up and set down at the SAME bus stop as the 208 (Bridge at Gresham). This would cater for passengers wanting North Sydney. It would also make one night-time stop for both 208/343 and would allow the closure of the Burn Philp stop currently the problem. It would increase reliability as it would allow buses to  move to the right lane on Bridge Street and go straight up to George Street. Currently buses must remain in the left lane (delayed behind left turning vehicles into Pitt Street) AND merge to the right after the Burn Philp bus stop which is dangerous and time consuming given the number of vehicles using Bridge Street 24 hours a day. Remember, this is now the ONLY road to access east to north from the eastern part of the city. The next nearest cross is Market Street some two kilometres south of Bridge Street.
  3. To align the 208/343 service in Bridge at Gresham Street,  it would need to apply after 2000 each day. This would allow the closure of Burns Philp from that time and passengers would clearly know where they have to go to pick up both services.