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Bus and Tram Express

Willoughby delegate keeps drivers in the loop

Jul 23, 2012News

Sukhdip Khatra, Gary Way and Graeme Cassey

This week the Willoughby Depot Rank & File Depot Meeting was packed with members keen to discuss the latest information from the RTBU solicitors about the legal implications of the workers’ comp changes.

An update of the discussions from last week’s meeting with the STA CEO Peter Rowley was also given and members advised that the union was waiting for written conformation from the STA before the proposed reforms could be analysed properly.

Another pressing issue is the fact that drivers at Wynyard are not getting enough time to rest between trips. Members have advised that, in the best interests of public safety, drivers take their turn-around break and run the next trip late.

The current changes to workers comp and the proposed STA reforms mean its more important than ever that delegates keep communication lines open with members. Thanks to Depot Union Rep Alan Burke whose planning and capable Chairmanship ensured the Willoughby meetings were informative and successful.