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Vic wins marathon ride

Aug 9, 2013Uncategorized

Members at the Ryde depot have recently unveiled their long awaited “Bike Wall” which was installed in an effort to ease parking strain on employees.

As with many depots, in recent times it has become increasingly difficult for employees to find a parking spot that is close to work. With already limited parking and the introduction of timed spaces, some members at Ryde were arriving hours early just to get a decent spot.

In response to the problem the depot’s own Vic Sophios pushed hard for the bike rack which he has wanted installed for the last couple of years.

It is hoped that the new bike storage will encourage employees to ride to work, after a report noted that many live within a 5km radius of the depot. Employees who live close by cited late finishing times as reason for not wanting to walk to work, feeling unsafe walking alone in the dark.

We hope that members enjoy their new bike storage and congratulate them on finding and negotiating workable solutions to problems affecting their work/ life balance. Perhaps with the Ryde depot becoming fit and healthy as a result of their new solution other depots will be looking for their own bike storage.

Full credit to Vic for maintaining his campaign to see the project completed!