Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

UNSW students to catch light rail as direct bus services cut

Dec 8, 2020News

On Monday, Transport for NSW announced that the express bus routes from Central Station to UNSW Kensington Campus – the 891, 893 and 898 – will be withdrawn at the end of the trimester on 21 December. The UNSW Student Representative Council has voiced their strong opposition to the decision, arguing that the irresponsible move will “…push thousands of UNSW students onto crowded light rail and public bus services.”

Refuting this, A Transport for NSW spokesman said that the Light Rail’s maximum capacity of 6,750 customers per hour from the CBD to Randwick/Kingsford between 7am and 7pm (weekdays) “…provides ample capacity for the 1500-2000 customers which on average catch the 891 bus each hour from Central to UNSW between seven to 11am pre-COVID.”

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