Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Unions protest threat of public transport privatisation at Sydney bus stops

Nov 16, 2016News

The RTBU and Unions NSW are targeting bus stops across Sydney, during peak travel periods, this week, to draw attention to the threat of privatisation of Sydney bus services.

Unions NSW and RTBU NSW will be leafleting commuters as part of the Passengers Before Profits campaign against public transport privatisation.

RTBU NSW Secretary Chris Preston said, “This isn’t the first time we’ve asked, but we’d like it to be the last, the NSW Government should come clean about any plans to privatise Sydney buses.”

“Commuters should be concerned, because privatisation of buses will mean the loss of services and bus stops.”

Earlier this month RTBU NSW called on the NSW Government to clarify whether there are plans to privatise bus services currently run by the State Transit Authority (STA). They are yet to hear a response.
“On behalf of our members, the public bus drivers of Sydney, need some clarity certainty around their jobs and their futures, and the public deserves clarity and certainty about this important service.”

“How long do we have to wait for an answer from the NSW Government – we need to know whether they’re going to throw honest people’s jobs under a privatised bus.”

“The STA has 12 bus depots in Sydney and about 3700 drivers, almost all of whom are members of our union, so privatisation wouldn’t happen without a fight.”

‘‘We are very worried to hear that there could be cuts to services, cuts to maintenance, and cuts to wages and conditions of drivers who live in the most expensive city in Australia.’’

‘‘These are services that have been in the public’s hands for been in ‍public hands for about 80 years, and it should stay that way.”

“If this happens Unions NSW and RTBU NSW will fight very hard to keep public transport, public run.”

“Under no circumstances do we want a repeat of what happened in Newcastle, we need transparency from the government, for the NSW public, and for STA workers.”

“Our members, the public bus drivers of Sydney, deserve clarity and certainty around their jobs and their futures.”