Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Unions must fight new workers’ compensation laws

Jun 28, 2012News

Following catastrophic changes to workers’ compensation laws the Tram and Bus Division of the RTBU would support a statewide stoppage (general strike) if and when Unions NSW calls for such action, says Divisional President Gary Way.

This is an issue that affects every worker in the state and a general strike together with a fierce political campaign is the appropriate response from the union movement.

We believe the worst aspect of this legislation is that work cover will no longer pay legal costs, that is, when the self-insured STA reject your claim and you go to the solicitors for help you will have to pay the legal expenses – win or lose.

Quite simply very few, if any, bus or tram drivers will be able to afford to run their claim. It’s a disaster for our members who are hurt at work.

We believe nothing would be achieved if our union attempted this fight alone. The union movement must work together to fight this attack on workers rights.