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Union pressure breaks Baird’s back

Dec 3, 2015News

IMG_7065The big win for the Union following the rally in Newcastle was a very public statement about the future of the privatisation.

Mike Baird left the comfort of his lunch at Newcastle City Hall to address the gathering of more than 600 unionists and concerned locals.

Bowing to the pressure, Baird was forced to admit that his government had bungled the announcement of the privatisation, with many drivers first hearing about the sell off from passengers that morning.

Baird apologised and said that the next step would be “significantly improved communication” – a commitment that the Union will hold the Premier to.

In one to watch, Mike Baird even made the claim that if services were couldn’t be improved, or wouldn’t bring additional services, that the privatisation wouldn’t go ahead.

These could be dangerous words for Mike Baird that could come back to bite him next year.

Baird also promised that Transport Minister Andrew Constance would indeed be able to find time to meet with the Union before the end of the year, despite earlier saying he was all booked up until Christmas.

This was a real smack in the face for drivers in Newcastle who would be heading into Christmas not knowing if they would have a job in the New Year, while Constance enjoyed a casual final weeks of the year.