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Bus and Tram Express

Union is calling for security screens on all buses

Apr 1, 2015News

Our recent member survey has shown that 53 per cent of bus drivers have reported being assaulted by a member of the public while at work.

It’s unacceptable that so many of us go to work fearing for our safety, especially on a Friday or a Saturday night. As all bus operators know only too well, when you’re driving a bus you’ve got no security guard and nowhere to go if a member of the public behaves in a threatening manner.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.14.02 amThe 3/4 security screens on the new buses are a good safety measure because they provide a barrier between the driver and a potentially violent passenger. But these screens are currently only fitted on about 30 per cent of the fleet.

When the majority of bus drivers are reporting being assaulted at work it’s clear that we urgently need every bus to be retrofitted with a safety screen.

The Bus Division has taken this issue to the media and STA has responded, promising to talk to the union about expanding the process of rolling out the safety screens.

This is a great outcome and the union will progress talks with STA on this matter immediately.

You can watch Channel 7’s report here.