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Bus and Tram Express

Union calls for severe punishment after bus driver attacked

Feb 3, 2017News
The Rail Tram and Bus Union of NSW has condemned an attack on an STA bus driver whilst on duty in Campsie last night.

The bus driver has narrowly escaped serious injury after being punched in the face whilst sitting outside his bus on a rest break.

Chris Preston, Secretary of the Tram and Bus Division of the RTBU says that public transport workers are essential service providers, and any attacks on them should be taken as seriously as an assault on a police officer or emergency service worker.

“This is a lucky escape, this could have been a tragic one-punch incident, and we call on the new premier to take assaults on public transport workers seriously by making sure that these low-life attackers receive increased penalties.

“Public transport workers are essential service providers and attacks on them are of the same level as assaulting a police, ambulance or hospital worker.

“We’re relieved that the bus driver has escaped serious injury, but assault is assault, so we want the full force of the law to be brought down on the assailant to show the seriousness of this crime.

“The union condemns any attack on our bus drivers and we demand that if the perpetrator is caught and that they receive a punishment with a severity befitting the crime.
“The new premier needs to show the community that attacking a public transport worker is a serious criminal act that will be met with severe punishment.

“Last year a bus driver was brutally murdered whilst on duty – we absolutely cannot allow people to be at risk whilst they work.

“People should feel safe at all times whilst at work, and bus drivers so often suffer from abuse from the public, it’s just unacceptable.

“Bus drivers don’t deserve, and should not tolerate attacks, whilst they work to deliver essential services to the community,” said Mr Preston.