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Uniform allowance dispute goes to court

Jul 14, 2011Uncategorized

As part of the 2007 Award, STA agreed to provide a new uniform to all drivers, and every year after to pay a clothing allowance to cover replacement.

However, the new uniform was never released in its entirety and many drivers were unable to get a complete uniform. Many reverted to wearing their own clothes.

The annual clothing allowance was also not paid.

The RTBU solicitor attended the Local Court on the June 2 as part of the process of claiming the allowance from STA.

“We will be issuing STA with subpoenas for a complete list of the clothing that makes up the uniform and a calculation of the cost of a complete uniform,” said  RTBU Bus and Tram Division Secretary Chris Preston.

This information is due by July 27 and the RBTU will then be able to calculate costs to be claimed from STA for the non-issue of uniforms and the unpaid allowance.

The matter will be next in Court on 24 August.