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Uniform allowance delivered in full despite State Transit tax blunder

Oct 11, 2012News

After fighting for over a year against providing a reasonable uniform allowance State Transit has tried yet again to short change drivers.

Members will be aware that after a long and tough battle with State Transit uniform allowances were recently paid into drivers’ bank accounts.

However, the RTBU was forced to intervene when it discovered the $350 allowance agreed between the union and State Transit had not been paid in full.

Despite an agreement to the contrary, the allowance was taxed before being paid to drivers.

The RTBU quickly took a complaint to State Transit on discovering the problem and demanded the remaining allowance be paid to drivers.

State Transit will be depositing a second amount to drivers shortly to bring them up to the agree $350 shortly.

If you have any questions about this or do not receive the correct payment contact the union office immediately.