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Bus and Tram Express

Uber style buses to spell disaster in regional and rural NSW

Nov 24, 2017Uncategorized

The announcement by Constance to extend the trial of uber-style buses to regional NSW further demonstrates this Minister does not know how to run our transport.

Minister Constance’s pie in the sky ‘Uber bus scheme’ has been trialled in Boston, Washington, Kansas and Helsinki and in all cases they have gone broke because the cost and subsidies per rider were simply too high.

The trial of these buses in Sydney began in only August this year, so to go ahead and roll out these buses in regional and rural NSW is simply reckless.

Chris Preston, RTBU Bus Division Secretary says, “This decision shows that Minister Constance only cares about quick sales and making a dollar rather than improving our existing public transport system.

These uber style buses will fail just like they have everywhere else, and commuters and taxpayers will be left to pick up the tab for Constance’s incompetence.

The tender process will begin shortly, with the roll out to begin late 2018.