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Transit Systems promises the Federal Court this time

Sep 3, 2021Uncategorized

As discussed in our last issue, the RTBU lodged in the Federal Circuit Court about Transit Systems failing to pass on a 2.5% pay rise as required by the Fair Work Commission.

After committing to pass on the pay rise in writing to the union, and then deciding not to honour that written commitment, they have now told the court in writing that they’ll pay. Hopefully they honour that particular commitment.

TSA should backpay the 2.5% by September 10th 2021 before another hearing on the 13th of September.

The RTBU is considering pushing the matter further and will at least be seeking a penalty for not paying the pay rise and costs so far. This company has done nothing but bleed its workers dry and if we have the opportunity to extract something from them to return to workers, then the union will take that chance.