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Bus and Tram Express

Tram news: workplace visit

Sep 23, 2011News

Divisional Secretary Chris Preston and Divisional President Gary Way recently visited Veolia light rail (tram) staff to introduce themselves, to discuss the up-coming Log of Claims and to sign up any staff who wanted to become RTBU members.

The meeting was a huge success, with five new members signing up. RTBU officials will be going back to Veolia in about two weeks to report on the progress of the Log of Claims.

The workers are a great bunch people and were really pleased to have the opportunity to lift their profile as important members of the Tram and Bus Division.

The workers were particularly happy to see the division committing to comprehensive representation for tram workers.

“Given the future of trams in Sydney,” says Gary, “it’s extremely important that the division is effectively engaging with the light rail sector.”