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Jan 30, 2012The Hot Topic

Boss for a day: Tell us how you would improve Sydney bus services

When it comes to public transport, everyone has an idea about how it can be improved.

The State Government says it’s willing to listen to everyone’s ideas.

What’s more, it has promised to deliver a Long-Term Transport Masterplan for the NSW public transport system over the next 20 years.

The Minister for Transport will be releasing a discussion paper in February, before conducting a series of regional forums around the State.

A draft version of the Long-Term Masterplan is due to be released for public consultation in the middle of the year, before the final version is released in November.

This could mean big changes to the operation of Sydney’s bus services, and to the future of our jobs.

It’s important that we get involved in this process and have our say – otherwise we could be stuck with all sorts of changes thought up by people who don’t understand how bus services work.

Already, people are making suggestions about radical changes.  Transport consultant Jarrett Walker, for example, made some interesting suggestions that were featured in a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

What do you think?  How would you go about improving STA bus services?

If you’ve been keeping some ideas in your head, then it’s time to set those ideas free.

Now’s the time to tell us your ideas for improving STA bus services!

Just write your comments below to get the ball rolling.