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Apr 12, 2012The Hot Topic

Union slams STA accident policy

How dare State Transit penalise us when someone crashes into our bus!!

If you are being hassled by management for NOT RESPONSIBLE ACCIDENTS, the union needs to know.

Tram & Bus Division President Gary Way says,”We will not tolerate State Transit’s policy of penalising bus drivers for not responsible accidents”.

Members who can provide  an example of this practice are asked to advise their local delegate who will forward the details to the Union Office in Redfern. If suitable examples are obtained, it is anticipated that officials will be well positioned to instigate a “State Transit-Wide” dispute.

“This is the most unfair policy ever written,” said Mr Way, “and enough is enough, we will fight State Transit to the bitter end.

If you have had an experience with this, tell us about it below and be sure to contact your local delegate straight away.