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Mar 28, 2012The Hot Topic

It’s enough: More violence on Sydney Buses

Yet more footage has come to light showing the behaviour that drivers are having to cope with from unruly, rude and violent passengers, after this story ran earlier in the month about the worst bus routes in Sydney.

Divisional President Gary Way appeared on Channel 9 last Monday after this footage was discovered by the news team there

Gary explained how driving a bus is a difficult and sometimes dangerous occupation. It was clear from the footage that the bus driver did the right thing – he stayed calm and followed emergency procedures ensuring the safety of passengers on the bus.

But doing the right thing came at a cost to his own personal safety and this shouldn’t be the case. A more visible security presence is needed on buses. The union is extremely concerned about the lack of security personnel and prominent security cameras available on buses.

Have you had a similar experience to this driver? Are there routes that you don’t like driving because they are particularly bad?


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