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Jun 8, 2011The Hot Topic

O’Farrell’s Law Hits Bus Drivers

STA Bus Drivers have been left in limbo by the State Government’s public sector unfair IR laws, which have hit just as bus drivers and STA commence negotiations on a new Award.

Bus drivers and STA have been trying to negotiate in good faith.

The STA Award expired on 11 June, which means bus drivers are the first workers targeted by the new laws.

The State Government, however, has rammed its new industrial relations laws through without any thought for negotiations that are already underway.  It has thrown our whole negotiation process into chaos.

We still don’t know why the Upper House cross-benchers have given an exemption for Police Officers and local government workers, but have left everyone else hanging.

Bus drivers perform a difficult, and at times dangerous job.  They provide a vital service that keeps NSW moving – but they are being treated with complete disrespect by the State Government and the four stooges in the Upper House.”

The new laws have relegated bus drivers and other public servants to the status of second-class citizens.  They set up a two-tiered industrial relations system, with one set of rules for private sector workers, and another for State Government employees.

Not only will bus drivers be forced to accepts cuts to their real wages, we will also lose access to an independent umpire to resolve workplace disputes.

The State Government will now be able to reduce our working conditions like sick leave and shift breaks at the stroke of a pen.

Barry O’Farrell went into the election promising to improve public transport services.  These laws do nothing to improve public transport in NSW.  All they do is punish the hard working, dedicated people who are the backbone of our public transport services.