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May 31, 2012The Hot Topic

Let’s make sure we are ready 

After the Kingsgrove BBQ the RTBU recently held, we received a great letter from one of our members. It said:

Gary hi,

Thank you to you, Chris & David for coming to our depot & extending a very welcome gesture through a simple BBQ.

I think we have made a few giant leaps towards building unity (at Kingsgrove at least)…..something we will desperately need in the months ahead.

Many thanks to all three gents for your efforts today.

Kind regards…

It’s a great letter, not because it thanks the union (though we are glad he enjoyed the BBQ), but because it recognises something important.

It recognises that our union strength comes from working together. And it recognises we have a fight ahead.

There are big changes coming for transport in NSW. Some of those changes have already started.

It started with Barry O’Farrell’s attack on public sector workers, capping our pay at 2.5% and reducing the powers of the Industrial Relations Commission.

Now we have had the recent announcement of competitive tendering for private bus operators and 750 voluntary redundancies and a restructure at RailCorp.

These changes leave us in no doubt about this government’s attitude towards transport workers as it rolls out its plans to “fix” NSW transport.

But when RTBU members come together we are a force to be reckoned with and we won’t tolerate attacks on fellow transport workers.

So let’s make sure we are ready to work together.

Confirm your details with the union now by updating them in the right-hand column of the website and make sure you come along to the next BBQ at your depot, meet your RTBU officials and have some lunch with your workmates.