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Tempe dispute signals break through in unfair incident/collision policy

Aug 21, 2012News

After having only one responsible accident in his entire career, a member at Tempe depot was placed on stage one of the incident/collision discipline policy.  When he notified local RTBU rep Ash Sarker of this outrageous situation Ash filed a dispute notice.

The dispute slowly made its way through the various stages of the dispute settlement procedure (DSP) and Union Official Gary Way ultimately elevated it to the General Manager, Human Resources STA.

Acting General Manager, Human Resources Martin Byatt considered the various aspects of the dispute and found in favour of our member. This lead to General Managern, Southern Region, Mark Peters reversing the decision to place our member on stage one, much to the relief of the driver and his Union rep.

In welcoming the Tempe decision Gary Way committed the Union to disputing all decisions that are triggered by not responsible accidents.

“A policy that means our drivers get penalised because other motorists crash into their bus is ridiculous and can not be justified”, said Mr Way.

All members are encouraged to notify their Union rep if they find themselves in these situations.