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Bus and Tram Express

Sydney University’s Kurt Iveson disproves Constance’s 4 arguments for privatisation

Jun 30, 2017Uncategorized

On June 28th at Sydney’s Community Assembly against bus privatisation, Kurt Iveson, an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney spoke to community members about the problems with Andrew Constance’s privatisation plans. Iveson presented statistics and research which completely undermined Constance’s argument that privatisation is the solution to Sydney’s transport frustrations.


Iveson’s research disproved Constance’s four key arguments for bus privatisation:


  1. “Inner-West buses have the highest commuter complaints”

Once you take into account the amount of commuters that rely on Sydney’s Inner-West buses, the ratio of commuter complains is far less than those in privatised bus regions.


  1. “Inner-west buses run later than privately operated buses”

Privatisation will not solve the issue of late buses. Currently Sydney’s Inner-West buses are stuck driving at 54% of the speed limit, compared to the rest of Sydney driving at 62% of the speed limit in less congested areas.


  1. “Privatising Sydney’s Inner-West buses will reduce costs”

In complete contrast, research shows that costs will increase for commuters and for taxpayers. Iveson presented research from other privatised bus regions such as in Perth, where operating costs have soared far higher than public operating costs.


  1. “The private sector will be able to provide more innovative services”

Constance has tried to win the public over by telling them that the private sector will offer uber-style bus services in the future. Iveson’s research shows that after these efforts have been trialled across the world, they failed and ended in large costs and losses to operators and government’s.

Read the full blogpost here for graphs, statistics and more information which shows that Constance’s plan to privatise buses will only cause more havoc for commuters and bus drivers alike.