Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Sydney rallies against bus privatisation

Jun 19, 2020Uncategorized

Yesterday was a big day with anti-bus privatisation events held at various locations across the city as NSW Parliament debated the bus privatisation agenda. The debate was a direct result of our petition against bus privatisation which had 22,000 signatures and meant two debates in Parliament. This was the second debate and we made sure it counted.

There were events outside 5 electorate offices where members and concerned commuters dropped in on their MPs. Members and the community forced MPs who hadn’t made the pledge to oppose the privatisation of our buses in Parliament to listen and be accountable. They needed to know exactly what their silence and support for the bill meant to those who were in the crossfire. Bus privatisation doesn’t work! 

There was a one-person picket, with our delegates spending all day outside NSW Parliament supported by a huge car (and bike!) convoy. We were so loud with our horns honking and chants that politicians came out of their offices to see us and say g’day. You may not let us into the Gallery to watch the debate but rest assured we will find a way to be heard if not seen! 

We now have a total of 29 MP pledges with Courtney Houssos and  Stephen Bali pledging their support yesterday. More MPs have also expressed their interest in signing the pledge and we’ll be sure to follow up with them as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who supported us yesterday. It’s important for the NSW Government to know that we will not stand idly by while they attack our members’ working conditions. When did it become okay for public transport to become a money-making venture instead of a public service designed to benefit all? We can continue the fight together in solidarity and make ourselves heard loud and clear.