Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Sydney buses: One-in-10 services regularly late in some suburbs

May 23, 2018News Uncategorized

Sydney’s commuters are suffering because of poor timetabling and under resourcing by this NSW Government. RTBU NSW Bus & Tram Division President, Dave Woollams said, “Minister Constance’s greedy privatisation scheme is only going to make Sydney’s bus congestion worse. We’ve already seen the plans to slash Inner-West bus stops when Transit Systems begins on July 1 this year, and there’s no doubt that they will cut routes, close bus stops and reduce services in order to make a profit out of our public services. The answer is investing in our public transport services, not selling it off.”

Check out RTBU NSW Bus & Tram Division Secretary Chris Preston speaking to Channel 9 News here.