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Bus and Tram Express

Sunday timetable shemozzle

Jul 30, 2021News

Confusion continues on the ground with what Transit Systems is paying employees during the Sunday timetable period. The TSA position remains that previously rostered work is being paid, no matter the altered shifts that people did on the day.

This would have worked if they had limited the altered shifts and no one earned more than they would have on their original work. Instead some people have worked MORE than originally rostered, but then been paid for the lesser amount. Which is illegal.

Clearly this is an issue and the union continues to make representations at the highest levels of TfNSW. We remain confident of reaching a solution that is fair and legal; that employees are paid for whichever shift is worth more, the original work or the altered shifts on the day. It remains to be seen how long this takes. From your local delegates up to the officials, the entire division is focussed on forcing TSA to fix this.

We are also pushing for Sunday the 18th to be clarified as members who worked that day have not been paid, and that people who are on the artic roster are paid the allowance regardless if they worked or not.

In bargaining news, the RTBU and TWU have committed to working together to getting the best outcome for a single agreement in region 6. The TWU have agreed that the Copied State Award will the be starting point for talks. Negotiations should begin properly after the company formulates it’s own log of claims rather than sitting on it’s hands and blaming the unions for the delay.

Members will be updated on both the pay and bargaining situation as soon as we have more information to pass on.