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Status quo to remain in all depots until IRC disputes are finalised

Aug 29, 2013Uncategorized

On Tuesday 27th August the RTBU and STA appeared before Justice Staff in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission after the Union filed notifications disputing the introduction of part time broken shifts and the STA proposal to commence using casual staff in the first instance to cover any absenteeism.

In what was officially a conciliation hearing, the Unions main focus was to secure a commitment from the STA not to make any changes until the dispute is finalised. After a lengthy session, the STA eventually provided the appropriate undertakings, which, not only included maintaining the status quo, but also to fill vacant lines on broken rosters in the interim.

In a magnificent display of Union solidarity, the small courtroom could not hold the large number of members wishing to sit in the gallery. His Honour adjourned proceedings and relocated the hearing to a larger courtroom.

Justice Staff arrived at the conclusion that the parties could not agree on any aspect of the matters in dispute and officially declared the conciliation “Failed” They subsequently set aside the 14th and 15th November for a full hearing.

All members are encouraged to attend this hearing in their own time to demonstrate the importance of this issue to members.