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STA needs to get tough on rogue taxis

Aug 19, 2011News

Drivers are reporting that an increasing number of taxis are stopping in and around bus stops. Not only does this slow buses down, it’s a safety issue for both drivers and their passengers.

STA inspectors previously had the power to book offending cars and taxis but drivers report they haven’t seen any vehicles being booked recently.

As a result Divisional President Gary Way has written to the STA asking for clarification as to whether STA inspectors are still able to issue infringement notices.

If this is still possible, the union has urged the STA to deal with the growing problem by conducting regular blitzes at bus stops, particularly in the city where the problem has become chronic.

In order to give the STA inspectors, council rangers and police a better idea of the location of the worst trouble spots, the union is urging drivers to make a note of the time and location of taxis stopping at bus stops, and to email the information to the union office at nswbus2@bigpond.com, or to call the office on 9319 7277.