Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

STA Member Update

Sep 11, 2020Uncategorized

2020 has been a challenging year for RTBU Tram and Bus members. 

We have stared down a Government hell bent on privatising our jobs in midst of a global pandemic.

The Government thought they could continue with their plans, unchallenged, under the cover of Covid-19. Through a cross union and community campaign, and the threat of action, members forced the Government back to the table and did not let them get away with this.

Since October last year, RTBU Bus members have stood staunch and proud. We did not let the Government force through their privatisation agenda without a fight, and won very real protections for our work mates and the community. We need to make sure those commitments are honoured.

We also demonstrated to whatever private operator tries to buy us that they are dealing with a Unionised and active workforce, who will fight for positive outcomes for our members.

To discuss what we have achieved and to start to plan how we protect our conditions through the transition and award negotiations, David Babineau and Daniel Jaggers will be in Depots next week meeting with members and talking about what’s next.

To find out when we will be in your depot, please check your notice board. We will also text members with the details the day before.

Members are strongly encouraged to attend.