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SMH: Second firm takes legal action over Sydney’s ‘disastrous’ light rail

May 24, 2018News

The disaster that is Sydney’s light rail project demonstrates Andrew Constance’s complete incompetence and recklessness. Not only is the project (a single light rail line down one street) billions over budget it is running years overdue, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders every day. Now, another company is suing the NSW Government.

This story comes from the Sydney Morning Herald:

A second company is suing the NSW government over its delayed Sydney light rail project, adding to the $1.2 billion in claims already demanded by the Spanish contractor building the project.

Queensland-based VAC Group has taken the government to the Federal Court for breach of contract, claiming it is owed more than $4.3 million in damages for delays and additional costs.

The legal action comes as the government prepares to go head-to-head with Spanish construction giant Acciona in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday.

Acciona will seek orders from the court to dismiss a motion by the state’s lead transport agency to strike out the Spanish company’s $1.2 billion claim for costs and damages against the state.

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