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Bus and Tram Express

SMH: Experts warned on high costs of Sydney light rail project six years ago

Sep 14, 2018Uncategorized

Tax payers and commuters should be outraged at the negligence of this NSW Government. Sydney’s light rail has been plagued with ridiculous cost blow outs and the delays on the service are continuing. Add to that the fact that the light rail will already be severely crowded when it opens because of this government’s poor planning. For every mistake this NSW Government make, it’s tax payers and commuters who are paying the price.

“The state government was warned as far back as 2012 of the limited benefits from a new light rail line in central Sydney relative to its high-cost, leaked reports marked “cabinet-in confidence” reveal.

An analysis for the state’s transport agency six years ago found none of 26 possible routes – including the one that was eventually chosen – had a benefit-cost ratio above 0.8, meaning the cost of constructing and operating the line would exceed the value to taxpayers.” Read the full article on the SMH here.