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Sick leave support

Oct 21, 2014News

If you or one of your colleages has had a serious accident or illness and are running out of paid leave, the state government’s sick leave support policy may help.

Sick leave support is adhered to by State Transit in clause 3.3 of STA’s sick leave policy. It  can assist with long term illness or accidents through a paid miscellaneous special leave equivalent to 75% of the employee’s salary.

It applies to employees who are medically unfit for work, meaning they cannot work at all, who have exhausted all leave (including sick, holiday and LSL), and who have a satisfactory record.

Remember this special leave payment is at the discretion of the employer. The employee seeking support must make a written request and provide medical evidence or a report from their treating doctor.

The applications are assessed by a panel comprising of a nominee of the general manager of Human Resources and a nominee of the general manager of the division in which the employee is located. Recommendations are made to, and approved by, the general manager of Human Resources.