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Bus and Tram Express

RTBU Women are now on Facebook!

Sep 2, 2015News

The RTBU is proud to have an active and passionate Women’s Campaign Committee (WCC), who meet at least twice a year to discuss the issues and challenges facing women in our union and in the transport industry.

The women’s committee plays an instrumental role in identifying issues for women in our workplaces and campaigning for positive change. You can now keep up to date with the WCC and show your support by liking the RTBU Women – NSW Facebook page.


Earlier this year, Bus Express spoke to one of the RTBU’s Affirmative Action Delegates, Narelle Sinclair, who is one of the leaders of the committee and a member of the Tram and Bus Division.

“We want to see women in our industry empowered so they understand their rights, feel they can ask when they need assistance, and are confident to apply for positions in their organisations and in the union,” Narelle said. You can read her full interview here.