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Bus and Tram Express

RTBU NSW Bus & Tram, State Budget response

Jun 22, 2018Uncategorized

Media Release, 19 June 2018

2000 new bus services figure is deceptive

Tram and Bus Division President, Dave Woollams, said the budget announcement that Sydney will get an additional 2000 bus services is a classic case of smoke and mirrors.

“What we’ve seen in the past is that this Transport Minister talks up new services, but fails to mention all the services that he’s cut, or will be cutting, in order to make the new services possible,” Mr Woollams said.

“It’s completely deceptive to say that we’ll get new services when the Transport Minister knows services have been cut and when we know that his privatisation plans will mean even more cuts.

“It’s also missing key details. We already have a severe shortage of bus drivers in this state – how are they going to manage to work all these new services if we don’t have enough drivers to keep the current services running?”