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RTBU forces ALP to commit to ending privatisation

Jul 10, 2018News

The RTBU has helped pressure the NSW ALP into ruling out any further privatisation of public assets, including our public transport systems.

Following a strong anti-privatisation campaign by the RTBU in Newcastle and Region 6 and strong lobbying from the union, NSW Opposition leader, Luke Foley, pledged at the party’s recent state conference that the ALP will stop the reckless sell-off of public assets, guaranteeing that under a Foley Labor Government there will be:

– No privatisation of NSW hospitals;

– No privatisation of water;

– No more electricity privatisation; and

– No privatisation of public transport services.

RTBU Tram and Bus Division Secretary, Chris Preston – who addressed the recent ALP State Conference, outlining the need for the party to oppose privatisation and detailing the damage current Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, has done to transport in the state – said that securing the commitment from the ALP is a big win, not only for RTBU members, but for public sector employees broadly.

“This Liberal Government has a sick obsession with selling off our public assets to the detriment of the community,” Mr Preston said.

“You only need to look at what a disaster the Newcastle bus privatisation has been to see why privatisation doesn’t work.

“It’s great that the ALP has listened to RTBU members and committed to ending the privatisation of our public transport systems. We’ll certainly be holding them to that promise. ”

RTBU Tram and Bus Division President, Dave Woollams said RTBU members have always stood staunchly against privatisation and will continue to oppose privatisation, no matter who is in government.

“The ALP’s pledge has come as a result of the pressure RTBU members have put on as part of the strong anti-privatisation campaigns we’ve run in Newcastle and region 6. We may not have stopped the privatisation of those areas, but the strong campaigns we’ve run have meant that it’s going to be very difficult for a government to privatise any further areas.

“The fight against privatisation is far from over, but the ALP’s commitment is a positive step forward.”