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Bus and Tram Express

RTBU Family Fun Day + Parliament debate 

Feb 26, 2020Uncategorized

A huge thank you to everyone who turned out on the weekend for the RTBU Family Fun Day.

It was fantastic to see so many members and families at the event. The rides and food vans were packed out all day – so much so that the ice-cream van had run out of ice-cream by 3pm!

At a time when things are undoubtedly tough in our industry, seeing so many members and their families kicking their heels up and taking some time out to have a laugh and a bit of fun was priceless.

So, to everyone who came along, and in particular to those who helped out with the event and made it the success it was, thank you.

But as we know, life is not all dodgem cars and sausage sizzles – the campaign to protect our jobs and conditions and stop bus privatisation rolls on. 

Thanks to everyone who turned out to the rally today outside Premier Gladys Berijiklian’s electorate office. It was great to see such a show of unity. You can see some of the images on the RTBU Facebook page here. 

Special thanks to The Teachers Federation, AWMU, ASU, ETU, PSA, MEAA, MUA, RTBU, Sydney Alliance, Barry Unsworth, Ryde Community Union Alliance and the Retired Unionist Network who all came out and supported members and community members at the event. 

The next event is a big one – the Parliament debate. Our petition against bus privatisation has collected more than 22,000 signatures, which has triggered a debate in State Parliament on the issue. The debate is set to be held on Thursday 5 March, 4pm.

The public can go inside and watch the debate and witness first-hand the Government’s attempts to defend the undefendable.

We want to pack the public gallery out with as many members and supporters as we can, to really make the MPs feel the heat.

Want to join us? 

Parliament Debate – Thursday 5 March 

Let’s put on a big display of solidarity and pack Parliament out! We’d love to see as many members there as possible, although spaces are limited so RSVP now to secure your spot.

DATE: Thursday 5 March
TIME: 3pm
Meet at Corner of Martin Place and Macquarie Street, Sydney
To RSVP and for more info go to: 

Commuters’ bus services are on the line, and so are our jobs. Our working conditions are on the line. As we’ve seen in Region 6, a job guarantee doesn’t mean you get enough work to live on! It’s time to really show our politicians we mean business. Please show your support by attending an event where you can.