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Region 9 payroll issues

Jul 29, 2022Uncategorized

As we are in Region 8 in the Northern Beaches with Keolis Downer, the RTBU has been working to try and help the company fix their payroll issues. While we don’t control the company, we’ll obviously be doing everything we can behind the scenes to help reach a resolution that benefit members.

Members will now see the conversion of the decimal value for hours and minutes into the time value. That means instead of for example, 7.6, you’ll also see 7 hrs 36mins. This will help workers decipher the payslip and log any issues with the company.

At the request of the Union, the company now has the system producing a query number. We want workers to be able to have a reference number for their issues so they can check on logged problems as well as keep track of multiple reported issues. TJHB reported that they are and are working on automating this with input from Transdev staff overseas, hopefully we get there sooner rather than later.

The gold standard remains having a daily breakdown of earnings displayed clearly on your payslip and that’s what we’re trying to work towards.