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Region 8 pay issues ongoing

Jun 10, 2022Uncategorized

Members in Region 8 held depot meetings this week about the pay issues that have been ongoing for over the last 7 months.

While the company has made improvements there are still ongoing systemic issues that need to be identified and addressed. 

RTBU representatives will be meeting with KDNB payroll and finance officers next week to analyse how each payment type is being calculated. Any errors found will have the appropriate fix applied to the workforce.

Members have also demanded an external audit and this has been communicated to the company today. It remains the case that overpayments must be reclaimed with permission from the employee and this is not to cause financial hardship. That means 12 months should not be considered a hard deadline for repayments if it impacts your financial situation unduly.

If members start a payment timetable before the end of the financial year they will be liable for the net amount. If they start a payment timetable they will be liable for the gross amount. This is law according to the ATO because tax was taken out for this financial year.

All over/underpayments are subject to change, for example if we find errors in how certain payments are being made and it turns out a debt should be reduced or voided, then it will.

A bulletin will go out to members following the meeting next week.