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Region 8 Draft EA vote

Oct 22, 2021Uncategorized

In contrast to the battleground in Region 6, Region 8 shows how big a difference it can make depending on who your employer is.

Keolis Downer have so far kept to the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the RTBU many months ago.

Today members on the Northern beaches in Region 8 voted on a draft EA proposal. While a bit unusual, this was done for several reasons.

  1. To avoid a two-tiered workforce
  2. To maintain our current conditions
  3. To give workers confidence of their conditions going forward

Feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive so far, but we’ll have an official result Monday. As long as the company puts forward the same document that was voted on today as an EA to vote on after privatisation, the union will have achieved what members said mattered most to them- a single workplace and keeping their conditions.