Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Region 7 Update

Jul 21, 2023Uncategorized

A post was made this week by senior management on Blink (company Facebook) which sought to quietly portray the company as benevolent and caring, as well as completely misrepresenting the industrial facts about upcoming pay rises

The RTBU issued a response bulletin to members you can read here.

Busways has so far refused to move from its position of supporting a 2-tier workplace. The RTBU will not be supporting a sell out of our newer members in order to preserve a status quo for some employees.

The RTBU is trying to arrange a high-level meeting between ourselves, the company, TfNSW and the Transport Ministers office.

The region 6 EA may have been voted up but we are not having a repeat of that years long scenario.

No one will be worse off and no one will be left behind. 

An application for protected action was submitted today by the RTBU.