Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Region 7 bargaining update

May 6, 2022Uncategorized

Busways advised at the last EA meeting that they will present the union with an EA offer by COB Tuesday 10th May. Our next EA meeting is 13th May where Busways will respond to any questions that the union may have about their EA offer.

The union believes that 2 days to go over such an important document is not long enough and would be seeking 4-6 weeks to analyse their EA offer before reporting back to members.

At this meeting the union will present a broad log of claims (as endorsed by the members) to Busways.

The broad log of claims as endorsed by the members through a survey which closed yesterday is:

  • To keep all their current entitlements and conditions in the EA.
  • To ensure as shift workers they continue to get 5 weeks’ annual leave.
  • To seek a ‘real’ pay increase that acknowledges the increase in the Cost of Living and the impact of their Income Protection Clause.
  • To ensure their Penalties and Allowances are increased by the same percentage as their pay increase.
  • To ensure they keep their ADOs.
  • To keep all their sick leave entitlements (including the number of ‘casual’ sick days).
  • To have a maximum spread of 12 hours for Brokens.