Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Region 6 Update

Mar 9, 2023Uncategorized

After the NO vote delivered to the EA draft, a number of discussions have been had, both with RTBU members and with the combined RTBU/TWU caucus. We’re hammering out a proposal to put to the company for discussion and consideration and are still working towards Same Job, Same Pay with the Copied State Award as the basis of a single Agreement. As we get closer to a potential solution we’ll be able to share more. The other potential outcome is that we get stuck in a loop with unions demanding and the company refusing. If this happens, given the expiry of the Copied State Award at the end of this financial year, it may be worth looking to arbitration of disputed claims in the Fair Work Commission. We’re taking legal advice on possible outcomes and how to protect workers and hope to have more news next week.