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Bus and Tram Express

Region 6 EA Update

Jun 17, 2022Uncategorized

The last meeting this week held on the 14th of June was a little charged. Previously unions had presented a group of claims centred around unifying the rosters. The company was under the impression this was the extent of the claims following the bargaining reset and were none too happy to have received a list of over 130 other items.

We’ve worked through that, and the bargaining meetings will be primarily to deal with creating a single roster. This means having the same penalties and shift timings. We’ll never have a single roster unless this can be sorted out.

While that conversation is going to be the focus, we’ll continue to work through other items on the list in the background. That way the focus is where it should be but things aren’t getting left behind.

The next bargaining meeting hasn’t been set yet because we’re waiting on TSA to provide sample rosters and costings for shifts that unions have asked TSA to look at. Once we have those, we can meet again to discuss the results.